Dentist for kids

Paediatric dentistry is the science of dentistry for children. A paediatric dentist usually performs the dental work for children. and also treat infant teeth, baby teeth or milk teeth. Its important to monitor the health of primary teeth. As neglected, cavities can be usually lead to problem which affects developing permanent teeth. To prevent the future dental issue of any kind, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, American Dental Association, and American Academy of Pediatrics recommend that a baby’s first oral exam should be no later than his/her first birthday (6-12 months old).


Why us-

Pediatric dentistry is speciality age defined, and at bhargav dental clinic,  we provide comprehensive dental care for infants, children and those with special health needs. Our Pediatric dentist are experienced and trained to asses, kids behaviours and to understand which treatment approach is in the best interest for your child. Children with special health needs can by treated under sedation or general anaesthesia

Why are baby teeth so important?

Baby Teeth are important as they help in proper chewing and eating. and speech development and attractive appearance also comes with primary teeth. A healthy and normal teeth allows the normal development of jaw and muscles and make space for permanent teeth. If a baby tooth is lost soon, permanent teeth may come in crooked, and decayed tooth can bring pain, infections and might spread to the permanent teeth.  Also your child’s general health can be affected if  unhealthy baby teeth aren’t treated.