Oral Precancer Detection & Treatment

The tobacco cessation program focus on groundwork for the quit date and emphasizes the maintenance of non smoking behaviour, which is the most important part of any cessation effort. throughout the program, participants are given assignments to increase awareness of their tobacco habit, assess their own motivation to quit, learn cessation techniques and accomplish behavioural changes that lead to quitting and preventing relapses. 
We at Bhargav dental clinic takes care to all the procedures that falls under this program. Follow up phone calls are made to clients at regular intervals. Relapse prevention is provided to all clients as needed via support group network and ensure the smooth program facilitation.

Cancer is a scary word, but the more you know about it, the better able you will be to protect yourself and the ones you love. This is particularly true of oral cancer, which is treated if caught early. Unfortunately, about two-year thirds of oral cancers are not caught untill the late stages. At Bhargav dental clinic, we focus more on pre oral cancer, and to hold it before it become serve. Our pre-oral cancer program focus on habits, and quitting tobacco, especially chewing. As it's consider to be more dangerous to quit then any other drug.