Tooth jewellery

Dental jewel is a special diamond, Crystal or sparkling stone, that can be attached to your teeth to make your smile more beautiful. However, it's temporary, non invasive and painless. Anyone who wants to endow their smile with a jewel and teeth to which the jewel should be attached are healthy, can be a suitable candidate for this treatment.

At Bhargav dental clinic, you will choose the jewel and the tooth in which you want the jewel to be attached. If the condition if the tooth you have selected is not favourable, then we recommend attaching the jewel to another tooth. The procedure of dental jewel is completely painless and does not require any anaesthesia.
It begins with full mouth cleaning & polishing to eliminate any stains and deposits, thus jewel is stuck on the tooth with a primer and an adhesive agent, moreover it does not damage the enamel hence it is possible to remove it or change it without consequences.

After attaching it to the tooth, you will probably need few hours to get used to the small jewel in the mouth. Our dentist provides you with all the instructions concerning the care of dental jewels. Most important is perfect mouth hygiene.